Zanu PF violence

Diaspora Vote PetitionWe have formally sought permission to deliver a written petition to 10 Downing Street, On the 21st October at 14:00; This petition will cover;

  1. Regarding the wholly inappropriate invitation extended by the British Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe [Presumably with an OK from the FCO, and possibly the UN - regarding COP26], to invite E D Mnangagwa, [illegally elected] President of Zimbabwe and an entourage of 70 – including 50 “Security Personnel” to the COP26 Climate Conference being held in Glasgow 31st October to 12th November 2021. 
  2. On E D Mnangagwa’s Human Rights record, his political repression record and his non-existent Environmental record we wish to protest in writing this visitation of a despotic tyrant, guilty of Genocide, Murder, Rape and Torture, let alone the institutionalised corruption and looting of all resources to his name.
  3. We also object to E D Mnangagwa and Zanu PF [Zimbabwe and UK] appalling record for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as promoted by the United Nations [UNSDGs]. Such as, Failed Drinking Water Supplies, Failed Sewage Systems, Failed Electricity supply, Failed Road, Rail and Transport infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, Biased Judiciary, Failed voting system and administration, etc etc. 
  4. Signatories and hand-over team: John C Burke, Tryness Ncube, Olive Ruzvidzo and Kingstone Jambawo - ZHRO; Edgar Makuni, Model Pamire and Shamiso Moyo - MDCA; Malvern Dengu, Nicolate Gwati and Panyika Anselm Karimanzira  - ROHR Zimbabwe; Leo Ndlovu and Zakhele Maphosa - ZAPU and other free thinking Zimbabweans and Non-Zimbabweans.

Gukurahundi PetitionWe need to know which other groups, Lords. MP's or Individuals who are sympathetic to this petition and who are willing to lend their name(s) to this cause.

See our article regarding this Climate injustice

Visit our main Facebook Page to see the Event on the 21st October 2021 Outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, London, and then at 10 Downing Street, LONDON at 14:00

BUT if you oppose this outrage [of inviting Mnangagwa and up to 70 Zanu PF] to COP26 - Sign our Petition

see our Twitter Petition request too







Zimbabwe Asylum Support Service

The organisations below have secured the services of a talented Immigration BARRISTER at significantly reduced costs for Asylum claims or Fresh Claims</p

a) 2 hour consultation with Public Access Barrister        £100 for the present - likely to increase

b) Detailed Case Strategy and Compilation                   £400

c) Court Appearance and Bundle                                £1200

 These are extremely competitive: Plus you will be given specific advice on preparing evidence.

Can also work with your lawyer if you have qualified for Legal Aid


11thSept2019 001   ROHR Original Small  EGNdsLH4 400x400   ZAPU     sketch 1593918992556  cropped header image2 2 
2021 08 21 at 09.31.29aOn the very early morning of [6:30AM] 21st August 2021, ZHRO members [19 in all] walked for the 5th time [at 65 miles each year, means that the have walked hundreds of miles in the UK]  wearing ZHRO T shirts, flying Zimbabwean flags and  handing out flyers spreading the message against deportation of Zimbabweans back to Zimbabwe where they fled because of political crisis and dictatorship induced violence.
The "Walk For Freedom" [#WalkforFreedom] was aimed to conveyed a message to inspire the British public to support the cause. Photo-logs of both days on this test of endurance can be found here: Saturday 21st August 2021 and here for Sunday 22nd August 2021. Twitter links also can be found here: Twitter Post
Much more prevalent as the main reason for leaving Zimbabwe were factors that are related to abductions, torture, rape and many other human rights abuses  by ZANU PF leadership that has been going on for decades.  It is indeed safe for people in the UK to protest against what they feel is against Human Rights abuses compared to Zimbabwe. 

Final timesWe are less than 7 days away and the excitement is building. [At the time of writing on Saturday 14th August 2021]
The weather forecasts (so far) look good - cloudy - but no rain - ideal for a long walk. Keeping cool is part of the strategy - especially one's feet! Plenty of changes of socks and talcum powder.

This year we must welcome Daisy Motlogwa and her husband, Moses, as he was newly released from detention only this week. Daisy will be driving down from Newcastle to Brighton [346 miles distance and expected to take 5 hours and 30 minutes] on the Friday preceding the "Walk for Freedom" [Friday 20th August 2021]. She will be arriving with her 3 children too, and will stay overnight at a local activist's house in adjacent Hove.

Plenty of “local supporters” [Brighton and Hove residents] will be welcome, and some could join us to the Devil’s Dyke Public House - there we stop for photos and a song or two!!

Statement: Zimbabwe Community Appeal

Zimbabwe Community Appeal [ZCA] Group position on the current immigration situation of Zimbabweans in the UK.

For many Zimbabweans this is the current situation that Zimbabweans in the UK find themselves in once more at the hands of the Zanu PF propaganda machine. Zimbabweans in the UK, have concerns for the many pending removals which are scheduled as identified in the leaked communique between the British Embassy in Harare and the Zanu PF Government. This identifies a target of 100 removals a month.

How will these be identified and where will they come from?

ZCA members, MDCA, ZHRO, ROHR and ZAPU are not inclined to support any murderers, rapists, and other ‘criminals’, rather they worked together to avail the needed support for those that were detained without notice, so that each one of them gets due process before any permanent outcome is decided.

We understand Ms Priti Patel’s assertion that criminals should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But the current deportees have already served their sentences or are within their sentence in respect of the very few Zimbabwean murderers affected by this Home Office Policy change.

Whilst not condoning murderers, rapists, and Child molesters, many covered by the "criminal" blanket description have committed minor crimes, and many committed some kind of fraud to be able to work in the UK. The UK Asylum system is deliberately complex, convoluted, and expensive to navigate. Many of these so-called criminals have fallen foul of the discrimination in the UK's HO.

In addition, let us not forget how dangerous Zimbabwe is for those deemed as "against Zanu PF.”Or unable [by CIO evidence] to be able to swear allegiance to Zanu PF

It’s very simple.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and their apparent communications to the Home Office do not have sufficient, nor up-to-date information to support a ‘broad-brush’ policy to deport or remove up to 100 Zimbabweans per month. A "deal" aparently made between the British Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe and the ruling Zanu PF "Government".

Irrespective of flights with 50 or less Zimbabweans on board plus the attendant “Support Staff” [Guards] Zimbabwe has become a very dangerous place for anybody connected with any opposition party, any human rights activist, journalists etc. Even now the Zimbabwean Government is pressuring NGO’s not to speak out concerning anything [to do with the Zanu PF Government]

If the Foreign Office would spend time talking with the MDC-A Opposition Party – in particular Tendia Biti, [Vice President] a gifted and committed Zimbabwean Politician, who ably steered the Finances of Zimbabwe during the “Unity Government”.

We have contact details if needed!

UK Government’s Latest Position: Sanctions

1st February 2021: In respect of Human Rights Abuses in Zimbabwe as stated on the UK Government Website; New Sanctions imposed.

Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab said:

"These sanctions send a clear message that we will hold to account those responsible for the most egregious human rights violations, including the deaths of innocent Zimbabweans."

"These sanctions target senior individuals in the Government, and not ordinary Zimbabweans. We will continue to press for the necessary political and economic reforms that will benefit all Zimbabweans."

These sanctions are in addition to our work to hold the Government of Zimbabwe to account in implementing genuine political and economic reforms that benefit all Zimbabweans.

police brutalityWe have published the ZiDERA 2018 Act in full to demonstrate the well thought out reforms that are desperately needed in Zimbabwe to allow for the democratisation of the Nation. This is to allow urgently needed fiscal support to be injected. These reforms are entirely resonable and justified. Only the corrupt within the military regime would object. 

"If one really wishes to know how justice is administered in a country, one does not question the policemen, the lawyers, the judges, or the protected members of the middle class. One goes to the unprotected - those, precisely, who need the law's protection most! - and listens to their testimony." ~

James A. Baldwin  August 2, 1924 December 1, 1987 Occupation: Novelist

It wouild appear that not many are asking the general population what they think, instead the intimidation, oppression continue. As evidenced on August 1st 2018 and the days following; January 2019 and the treatment of Protesters on 16th August 2019 - the military Zanu PF have "resorted to type" and have killed, maimed, raped and tortured any form of opposition - or in fact just anybody, so as to intimidate and suppress all forms of opposition. 

The abduction and torture of the leader of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), Dr. Peter Magombeyi is just another in a long line of strategems by the regime to intimidate the population or any critic, however insignificant. 31st Aug 2020 UPDATE: Abductions in Zimbabwe of the three MDC Youth Leaders. The arrest for exposing corruption of Journalist Hopewell Chin'ono and also Job Sikhala arrested -  MDC Deputy Chair. [Zimbabwe Updates] and futher arrests occuring now. Also Hopewell now extremely ill in prision [Bail refused several times]

[Congressional Bills 115th Congress]

[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office] [S. 2779 Enrolled Bill (ENR)]


police brutalityUSA Policy

“E.O. 13288 imposed sanctions against specifically identified individuals and entities in Zimbabwe, as a result of the actions and policies of certain members of the Government of Zimbabwe and other persons undermining democratic institutions or processes in Zimbabwe. Following E.O. 13288, in response to the continued undermining of democratic institutions, the President issued two subsequent Executive orders that expanded the list of sanctions targets to include immediate family members of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked as well as those persons providing assistance to any such individual.”