Zanu PF violations

Itai Dzamara Abduction 9th March 2015On 18th April 2024 it will be 44 years since an apparent Zimbabwean Independence {18th April 1980} - but there are real and terrible SANCTION's on the majority of the population of Zimbabwe from then until even now!

......not by the EU, UK, US or even SADC - but by the Zanu PF Regime itself! It's impossible to label the regime as a "government" - they have breached every conceivable duty to their citizens for decades - through Intimidation, Oppression and Spies {CIO's}. The campaigns of abductions, beatings, torture, and murder - are specifically designed to keep the population "tractable" - easy to order about, influence, or tell them who they should vote for in the various sham democratic elections.

...the evidence is overwhelming in this regard; {Use the various web links in the text below}

44 years of sanctions by the evil regime, upon the entire population and all its infrastructure must stop!! 
A history of all the abductions, torture, murder, Looting, Corruption and Vote Rigging! "A History of Atrocity: Patterns, Perpetrators and Prospects for Accountability for International Crimes in Zimbabwe"" and Also this link to Human Rights Watch to an article published on 15th November 2023

So much so that Amnesty International Zimbabwe have started a campaign today upon the 9th anniversary of the "disappearance" of the protester, Itai Dzamara on the 9th March 2015. See Twitter/X items and the further commentaries by ZHRO and others.

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Additional Content by Tryness Ncube: on 22nd March 2024

In 1980 Zimbabweans were over the moon that the British rule has ended but little didn't they know about the current government.

Everything started to change when then security of state minister ED Mnangagwa deployed soldiers to kill people of Matebeleland. That was the time people started recognising then Prime minister Ian Douglas Smith as true leader.

Zim DestructionRobert Gabriel Mugabe ruled up to 2017 when coup was orchestrated by Contatino Chiwenga and his crew. ED Mnangagwa was then sworn sworn in as the new President of Zimbabwe. During the inauguration he promised people of Zimbabwe jobs and houses.

To this very day he has never delivered any of his promises apart from looting, killing of civilians and opposition activists.

Fellow Zimbabweans took up farms and settled as part of land reformed programme. Now ED Mnangagwa is telling all those poor people scattered all over Zimbabwe that the land belongs to him. Those very same people who celebrated the down fall of the former President now they have loudest cry as their homes were bulldozed to rumble.

Is this the kind of independent that many fought against the British colony?

Zimbabweans deserve a better government that will cater for everyone's needs.

Millions of Zimbabweans are now in exile because of fear of being killed when speaking out about ED Mnangagwa and ZANU PF. When all this is happening ED Mnangagwa is blaming the 'West' for the sanctions imposed on him.

On the other hand SADC concluded that the General Elections for 2023 were not free and fair. Elections were rigged and ED Mnangagwa endorsed himself as the legit winner.