The Emmerson Mnangagwa led regime has dismally failed both at the economic and social front.  It is a regime that has resorted to weaponising poverty against the masses of Zimbabwe as a trick to divert their attention from its illegitimacy.  As a result,  the levels of poverty prevalent in Zimbabwe today warrants urgent outside intervention.It is simply a national disaster.

The lack of action on the part of the Munangagwa regime to tackle poverty head-on further excercibates the deterioration of the quality of life of ordinary Zimbabweans.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring to your attention, the heart breaking girl child prostitution and paedophilia which is reported to be freely rampant in the high density suburb of Epworth in Harare.
The matter has assumed grave proportions as it is involving young girls of ages ranging between 9 and 11 years. These kids are being severely and massively exploited by their clients who are said to be paying them anything between 50 US cents to 1 US dollar for their services.Of concern is the high probability that these kids could contract various STIs which include the deadly HIV virus.

This is a clear demonstration of failure by the Zimbabwe Republic Police to perform their mandated civil responsibilities as the crime is reported to have been in existence for a considerable period of time. On the other hand,  we see the unwarranted squander of time and resources by the ZRPolice where there is currently an unprecedented surge in illegal arrests of MDCA and Human rights activists.

Under-age child prostitution in Zimbabwe is evidence of the current general breakdown of law and order that is rife within our nation. These social maladies should be blamed squarely on the shoulders of the Mnangagwa regime.

As human rights activists who are fortunate to be operating from the United Kingdom, a country that has an unparalleled record of permitting freedom of expression without fear or persecution, I feel we should seize this opportunity to directly intervene.It is imperative that, MDCA Reading Branch brings in a new dimension to our human rights activism and struggle for social justice by taking it upon ourselves to fund raise resources that will go towards sponsoring the education and welfare expenses of these kids in Epworth.

The  Zimbabwean Government social services has failed dismally to rise up to the occasion due to pandemic corruption in the systems.  As a government in waiting, we need to demonstrate a different approach to politics and afford these kids a more decent quality of life.

Written by Reuben Gift Waretsa

Reuben Gift Waretsa is a member of the MDCA Party of Zimbabwe.  He is a Human Rights activist on a mission to rid Zimbabwe of corrupt and greedy politicians.