Dear Editor  
The Zimbabwean Government should stop child marriages.

I find it extremely agonizing to comprehend how the Zimbabwean government has caused the downfall of our beloved Country, which was once known as the Breadbasket of Africa.  One can imagine that been the Breadbasket of Africa Zimbabwe was flourishing, citizens enjoying their Country and attracted many focused investors.  But alas the proper structures and policies which were previously implemented for good reasons and followed accordingly BUT now there are just on PAPER. 

The poor governance, economic hardships, widespread poverty, skyrocketed unemployment levels, political instability & human rights violations, poor health infrastructure and lack of finances for expensive education fees or resources. Can the government be proud of destroying, violating and ending Childhood in children mainly Girls, by creating an environment where they are forced into child marriages, their rights to education, health, protection stripped and their vulnerable lives placed in danger. 

Sadly, family members see this hopelessness desperate opportunity as a point of survival for their daughters, nieces, relations, whole family unity and communities are shattered by this desperate practice. These consequences impact negatively to the Girl Child, in regards to being married to an older man, experiencing complications in pregnancy, childbirth and causes of death. 

Zimbabwe government you have a mandate to ensure that the lives of young people and Girls matters and should be considered as worthy too for now and 2023 Elections, whereby everyone will be voting wisely.

Thank you.
Kind Regards

Beverley T. Mutandiro
ZHRO Human Rights Activist