Cost Co Booze Trip for Zanu PF PartyThe mainstream media can now assess Zimbabwe's COP26 performance in a couple of words - Booze Cruise

This tragedy for the population of Zimbabwe is a result of 41 years of oppression, mismanagement, corruption, looting and extreme human rights abuse [ abductions, torture and deaths]. The [illegal] Zanu PF regime in Zimbabwe, can trick and fool their own populations due to a captured State TV, Newspapers and other media - but this counted for nothing when on Sunday 31st October, on the pretext of a COP26 invitation, two thoughtless bozo's, proudly proclaimed that the "party has started".

Missing the point completely but used to lying in his public position as a spokesman [propaganda] in Zimbabwe, Nick Mangwana celebrated the booze buying duo as a positive event [at a Climate Conference no less?]. Not fully appreciating that social media was already full of [illegal] President E D Mnangagwa, with his 100 hangers-on in his private jet was hitting the Carbon Dioxide tonnage to arrive at this Climate Event. In this case the sh*t really did hit the fan! With International Coverage of this utter hypocrisy!

The Times - United Kingdom, Daily Mail Article, Metro Article, Scottish Sun, Celex s205, eminetra and Inews Article regarding Booze all covering this absurd display of childish excess [so far!]. UPDATE: It gets worse, the UK TV BBC Comedy Programme, "Have I Got News For You" on Thursday night on the 4th Novembebr 2021 Mocked the Zimbabwean Delegation with this video clip - Total International Mockery - a tragedy for the real Zimbabwe and their diaspora [click the text here to see it on our Twitter Account]. At least the iNEWS team gave a mention to the hundred of Zimbabwean [and other] Protesters outside who were extremely vocal [ with singing protest songs to music and drums] about the long list of failings of this [illegal] Zimbabwean Zanu PF Government [Junta or Cabal or Mafia are better descriptors]. To that list they now have Climate Ignorance and Self Aggrandisment ! 

NewsDay Zimbabwe Reports our ProtestOn the Tuesday the 2nd November the protesters listened with incredulity to Mnangagwa's [scripted] speech. The News Channel "Zim Eye" captured to mood with a Live Video as Mnangagwa trotted out his platitudes and request for more money. He also shoe-horned into his talk on the Environment, with a complaint about the [Targeted] Sanctions [he claimed were on Zimbabwe, but in practice they are on the criminal individuals and corporations looting Zimbabwe]. The protest group were completely unimpressed.

The tragedy however, is that Zimbabwe needs so much support and assistance now. All entirely due to 41 years of corruption, mismanagement, human rights abuse and environmental ineptitude - allowing indiscriminate mining practices.

Zimbabwe is a disaster - all down to the Zanu PF regime. Even their pleas for Climate Change assistance - are hollow due to their Environmental ignorance. Funds sent by well-wishing agencies and other Governments have never been spent on alleviating damage caused, for instance, by Hurricane Ida. The degradation and deforestation allowed by Chinese Mining Organisations in Zimbabwe, clearly demonstrate an 'administration' devoid of any concept of soil erosion and mining pollution. These are not "Climate Emergencies, but a callous disregard for the duty of "Stewardship", the protection of "Mother Earth", Gaia and all other concepts to do with balance and harmony with Nature.

In complete contrast, and without a script, but from the heart Chief Ndiweni was being interviewed many times Chief Ndiweniwith the protest group [Video on Twitter courtesy of Valarie Karimakwenda], regarding the solutions to the clearly man-made [Zanu PF junta] crises in Zimbabwe. The sewage in the streets, the lack of available drinking water, the rationed electricity supply, the state capture of the Institutions and such like. In fact the Zimbabwean Government appear to have failed every single one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals [UNSDG's] - Every one!  As part of the protest consortia, we have produced a petition to Boris Johnson, which will be re-presented on Thursday November the 11th to 10 Downing Street, as evidence of the multitude of failings of this Zanu PF regime in its 41 year tenure CLICK HERE TO READ. This petition will be annexed with a critical write up of the performance of the Zimbabwe Zanu PF regime at COP26 - not a very good performance at all.

As a group we had sought to plea with Alok Sharma [President of COP26] and Vicky Ford; MP [and Minister for Africa], to permit Chief Ndiwendi to be allowed to speak at the COP26 meeting - not with the current President - as his knowledge and passion for the Zimbabwean Environment is without parallel. However we received no response to our e-mails.